Miami Facts

Every few years Miami manages to reinvent itself, and for all the right reasons.

That’s why Miami is ranked as an Alpha-World City, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with global cities such as Buenos Aires, Barcelona, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.

Located in South Florida, Miami is home to nearly 6 million people, making it the fourth-largest urban area in the United States.  Miami is also ranked as the richest city in the U.S., according to a recent study by the global financial services company UBS.

Miami Makes Sense

Each year nearly 95 million people visit the Miami Metropolitan Area – that’s over 260,000 people each and every day.

Here are the top reasons why Miami is so popular for business, work and play:

  • Weather – With summertime highs a bit over 90F and wintertime lows barely less than 60F, Miami has perfect year-around weather
  • Diversity – Nicknamed the ‘Capital of Latin America’, Miami has so many unique areas it’s hard to keep track, with Miami Beach, Brickell, and Coral Gables being some of the hottest real estate markets in all of South Florida
  • Culture – From entertainment & performing arts, museums, sports, world-class shopping, and a thriving beach scene, Miami has something for everybody
  • Beaches – Miami is home to some of the most attractive beaches and dynamic ocean-front developments in the world, including Miami Beach, South Beach, Brickell Bay, and Key Biscayne
  • Education – Miami has one of the largest per capita university enrollments in the country, in institutions such as Florida International University, the University of Miami, Miami Dade College, and Florida Memorial University
  • Growth – In less than 10 years the population of Miami has increased by nearly 20%, almost 4X greater than the U.S. as a whole
  • Economy – Miami ranks among the top world cities for business activity, human capital, information exchange, and political engagement – with the international finance, biotechnology, and real estate sectors making significant contributions to the local economy
  • Real Estate – With a high level of quality inventory, an ever-increasing level of buying, and a great value for a world-class city, median home prices have increased 7% year over year
  • Business Friendly – Miami is a major international investment hub, attracting people from all parts of the world