The History of Premier Capital Realty

We understand the goals – and yes, the hopes & dreams – of our investors because we’ve been there ourselves. . . .

When the founders of Premier Capital Realty – Rodrigo & Moana Schiavo – immigrated to the United States from Brazil back in 2005 they had barely $1,000 to their names.  It was a difficult journey, both mentally and financially, and the couple went through several crises.

But their perseverance, education, strong work ethic and common sense – combined with the almost limitless opportunities that the U.S. offers – provided them the foundation to excel as never before.

After being in this country for only a few short years they established a real estate finance company that grew to represent more than 130 banks and financial institutions, and grossed more than $100 million after being in business less than three years.

Using the hands-on experience they gained from that first successful venture, Premier Capital Realty was founded and has quickly grown into a multi-million dollar Florida real estate company.

The firm has achieved this success by focusing on one client at a time, with an unshakable commitment to integrity and transparency.

Today, Premier Capital Realty employs 11 highly-experienced professionals to handle everything that the real estate market in Florida has to offer.  From buying, selling, leasing, property managing, and investing they know how to successfully navigate the U.S. real estate market.

  • Established network of financial, legal & tax advisors
  • Structure U.S. investments with a focus on asset protection
  • Understand how to work internationally – very patient, no pressure, educational
  • Turn-key group investment opportunities
  • Full service real estate brokerage for all types of real estate investments

In addition to the proven experience of Premier Capital Realty, the firm understands complex bureaucracies and how to work within the system.  With Premier Capital Realty you will have local support and guidance for your Florida investment.

Premier Capital Realty makes it easy, safe and profitable for you to invest in the U.S. real estate market.