Why Live in Florida?

Last year over $4.3 billion was invested in Florida real estate from buyers in places as diverse as Latin America, Spain, Germany, and China. That’s the highest level in nine years and an almost 100% increase from just two years earlier.

There are three major reasons why Florida continues to attract such enormous amounts of real estate investment capital.

Quality of Life

There comes a time when real estate investors begin to think globally and look for a second place they can call home. Two of the top criteria in deciding where to invest include finding an area with an excellent healthcare system along with a temperate year-around climate.

Florida excels in both areas.

The state is host to some of the premier medical facilities in the world such as the Mayo Clinic and the Orlando Regional Medical Center. The near-perfect weather offers investors an active, vacation lifestyle with the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands just a short ocean cruise away.

World-class dining and entertainment of every variety can be found throughout Florida,
including destination theme parks like Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal

But Florida is about more than just fun in the sun.

Savvy real estate investors never forget the bottom line, even when allocating part of their capital overseas.

That’s why investing in Florida makes smart business sense as well. The state has no personal income tax and provides a very significant homestead tax exemption.

Real Estate Investment

A recent article in Forbes magazine reported that five of the top ten cities in the U.S. for both current and projected employment growth are in Florida.

That’s why Florida’s population continues to increase each year. There is a large amount of investment-grade residential and commercial real estate to choose from, a diverse culture, and Florida is a hub for international business

It’s easy to understand why Florida is attracting so many real estate investors seeking the safety and yields of U.S. real estate. Over the past seven years the median price for a single family in Orlando has more than doubled, while median home prices in Miami have increased by 94%.

Many of the investors that come to Premier Capital Realty choose to begin their real estate investing in the U.S. by purchasing a second-home to use part of the year, while renting it out the remainder of the time. Others opt to take advantage of the firm’s turn-key group investment opportunities.

Global Business Hub

The Global Power Index was developed over 20 years ago by researchers in the United Kingdom as a way to measure the interconnectedness of global world cities. This system is now used to rank the level of economic linkages between cities and to the entire global economic system.

Miami – along with other coastal-area cities such as New York, Singapore, and London – are rated as top Alpha Level cities. The Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network utilizes several criteria in its rankings, including the variety of international financial services and the city’s influence on the surrounding trade area.

Miami isn’t the only place in Florida that is interconnected to other top cities and real estate markets around the world. A recent report from Globe Street notes that Florida’s integrated network of seaports, rail lines and cross-county highway systems position the state to be a global trading hub for the next 100 years.


Florida’s quality of life, access to world-class property, and position as an international business center offer real estate investors opportunities that are difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

The experienced professionals at Premier Capital Realty understand how to profitably maneuver through the U.S. real estate market.

Premier Capital offers a full range of real estate brokerage, leasing, property management, and group investment services.