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We understand the goals, hopes, and dreams of our investors because we’ve been there ourselves.

When the founders of Premier Capital Realty, Rodrigo and Moana Schiavo, immigrated to the United States from Brazil in 2005, they had barely $1,000 to their names. The journey was challenging, both mentally and financially, and the couple faced several crises. However, their perseverance, education, strong work ethic, and common sense, combined with the countless opportunities offered by the U.S., provided them with a solid foundation for unprecedented success.

Within just a few short years of being in the country, they established a real estate finance company that represented over 130 banks and financial institutions, generating a gross revenue of more than $100 million in less than three years. Leveraging their hands-on experience from this initial venture, they founded Premier Capital Realty, which has rapidly grown into a multi-million dollar real estate company in Florida.

Premier Capital Realty owes its success to a client-centric approach, prioritizing integrity and transparency. The firm employs highly experienced professionals who handle all aspects of the Florida real estate market, including buying, selling, leasing, property management, and investing. With an established network of financial, legal, and tax advisors, the company structures U.S. investments with a focus on asset protection. They possess extensive knowledge of international operations and provide patient, pressure-free, and educational support. Additionally, Premier Capital Realty offers turn-key group investment opportunities and serves as a full-service real estate brokerage for all types of real estate investments.

Moreover, in addition to the proven experience, Premier Capital Realty understands the intricacies of complex bureaucracies and excels at working within the system. By choosing Premier Capital Realty, investors gain local support and guidance for their Florida investments. The company strives to make investing in the U.S. real estate market easy, safe, and profitable for their clients.

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Rodrigo Schiavo

Experience the safety and peace of mind that comes with partnering with Premier Capital Realty. With our unwavering commitment to integrity and expertise in the real estate market, you can trust us to deliver substantial gains that exceed your expectations!

Rodrigo Schiavo

Real Estate Broker
Moana Schiavo

When it comes to reliability, Premier Capital Realty is the name you can count on. With our proven track record and expertise in property administration, you can set your expectations sky-high, knowing that we will diligently and skillfully manage your properties to achieve exceptional results.

Moana Schiavo

Commercial Property Manager


Contact us for a consultation. We are happy to answer all of your questions and find the best possible solution for the project you are working on.

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