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How First-Time Leaders Can Handle Their First Fire

One task no first-time founder ever wants to deal with is their first fire. If handled the wrong way, it can not only create confusion for the employee being let go but also send the wrong message to the rest of the team.

As a leader, it’s important to establish clear procedures and expectations early on to help ensure the entire team is being set up for success. Here, 20 Forbes Business Council members offer advice for new leaders to tactfully and appropriately handle their first fire.

Create Clear Company Rules

Dealing with the first fire can be complex, just like any new experience. However, having clear rules within the company can help you handle the situation calmly and efficiently. In case of a rule violation, you can explain the situation to others and apply the necessary rule. – Rodrigo Brandao Schiavo, JH333 Financial Holding, LLCExpert Panel® Forbes Councils Member

Source: Forbes Business Council


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